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Colizy is developing an inspection software that helps to save time and money on commissioning procedures in the construction industry.

Supported : 500 €

of 250 € minimum goal


None of us would like to see their building fall apart. Imagine you finding out that there was a solution to these fears that would take away the worry. You could access all the history of the building at any time. Our buildings would be safer and construction sites would be less problematic.

Today, the commissioning procedure is very clumsy, costly, and time-consuming. It involves many different parties between whom the communication and information often gets lost, and this leads to repeating the process over and over again.

We are developing a software that offers to cut time spent on commissioning procedures of buildings, leading to reduced costs for our clients. Quickly detected and fixed errors will ensure better building quality and an extended building lifecycle.

Colizy application allows users to take photos of all the defects, add descriptions about them, tag them on drawings and share all the gathered information easily with all parties in a common data environment.

Our application will allow to position your location indoors by scanning the room-based QR-code. These individual QR-codes will also eventually hold and provide room history and data, making building maintenance a breeze.

With Colizy your home and workplace will be safer. By extending the lifecycle of buildings we are helping to create a greener future. Contribute to our mission and help us build a better world!


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