Anyone can become an investor

Equity crowdfunding enables you to become a shareholder of a company and be part of its success. You can participate in the growth of a company, increase your own capital and support your favorites - be it either the producer of an organic ice-cream, an energy association or technology start-up.


Why invest?

  • Easy investment option -  minimum investments start with 100-200 euros -  you decide how much would you like to invest.
  • Be a part of new success stories of Estonian companies from different fields by investing into finance, technology or manufacturing businesses, e.g. restaurants, sharing economy enterprises or media.
  • You can diversify and grow your investment portfolio.
  • Besides finances you can share your skills, experience and networks to contribute to the success of your investment.
  • It is proven that successfully crowdfunded companies are more likely to succeed than others. 

How to invest?

  • Create your profile at the Fundwise platform.
  • Browse for companies looking for crowdfunding.
  • You can invest as a private individual or a legal entity, make a choice by clicking a relevant button “Invest” at the campaign you are interested in, which opens a relevant form. In case investing as a legal entity you must have a legal representation right to make such transactions.
  • In case you have questions, communicate and discuss on a forum of company representatives and co-investors.
  • Choose appropriate investment, get introduced with the shareholder agreement and entering agreement and transfer the funds to a target company.
  • Invite also others to invest - additional promotion is beneficial to you as well as to the company you invested in.
  • Assist the company with your skills, knowledge and networks.
  • When the campaign was a success, you will become a shareholder of a company and the company will implement its vision with the help from your investment.
  • In case the campaign did not raise necessary funding, you get your funds back and you can re-invest to some other enterprise.
  • NB! In case the campaign organizer uses Nasdaq Central Securities Depository, you will need a securities account for registering shares. If you do not have a securities account, open it at some commercial bank in Estonia.