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Software service for companies and busy people to order and deliver flowers at the right time

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We live in a very fast-paced world, with a lot of information around us and we risk forgetting important dates or anniversaries. And the busier we are, the bigger is the risk.

There is nothing worse for a man than to hear, “Do you remember what day it is today?” And he starts thinking, “Marriage anniversary? Mother-in-law birthday? What?“ If he forgot about it, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love her, of course. But it feels terrible and may have a relationship impact.

That is why we dreamt up a special software service, which helps people to keep in mind the important occasions and order flowers in couple of clicks. It will be a mobile and web application with maximum simplicity. You choose dates, recipients, and personal preferences. You will get timely reminders with an easy way to order flowers for the price you want.

We have several products:

— Subscription, Get fresh flowers for your home or office 1-2 times monthly. Set the best price for you.

— Pre-Order for a person. Known amount of bouquets and events for the month. Price can be selected.

— Pre-Order for a company. Upload a file with personalised options and we will organise it. You can order separate invoices for delivery and flowers.

— Buy-Now. On our site you can buy bouquet right away. We offer Express delivery in one hour. 

And, of course, we work with florists. Here are the advantages you can get as a florist:

- With our service, you can manage your sales, pre-order flowers 2-3 days in advance. Our billing gives you control over your income.

- You have customers even with no physical or online store. You can create bouquets from your home. Your talent, professional skills, and fresh plants is all that do matters

- If you already have beautiful bouquets, you can immediately place them for sale.


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