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Democratizing solar energy by connecting suitable locations with required capital

Supported : 95 €

of 250 € minimum goal


Do you have free land or roof space which could be suitable for installing solar panels but you cannot or do not wish to invest? Or would you like to invest in solar but have no suitable land?

Go to and let’s find out how you could start benefiting from solar energy.

You are also welcome to support our journey towards a cleaner energy system through this Prototron campaign. We will invest this money in the first 5 crowdfunding projects to create higher value for all the early adopters.

By making a donation of:

  • 1-5 EUR: we will be eternally grateful to you
  • 6-20 EUR: we will give your name to one solar panel of our first publicly crowdfunded solar park and send a picture of it to you
  • 21-50 EUR: you will have priority access for participating in our first 5 crowdfunding projects
  • 51-200 EUR: we will visit you anywhere in Estonia and do a solar-themed photo shoot with you (we will bring the solar panel with us)
  • 200+ EUR: we will be at your service to help with any gardening works anywhere in Estonia for a duration of 2 hours (valid until Midsummer’s Day 2020)

NB! There is a compounding effect: e.g. a donation of more than 200 EUR will include all of the above.

Together we can make the change to a more sustainable future!