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Strafos is building B2B cloud platform for business aviation industry to help with data flow and automatization.

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Strafos is a smart cloud software for private jet operators. We are building single B2B platform that will automate today’s manual and hours long calculations, finally enabling instant bookings of private jets. Strafos also optimizes flying schedules and implements a real time satellite tracking with 100 % Earth coverage. It all means more revenue for the operator and lower prices and faster bookings for the clients.


In today business aviation, all important tasks and calculations are done manually. With strong online demand for private jets, air operators are overwhelmed with flight requests and operator’s goal is to process all requests in the shortest time. In today’s world, air operators have to use multiple non-integrated solutions or do everything manually to proceed with all requests. It can take hours to proceed a single flight request, usually about 30 to 60 minutes. There is also no tool for reliable on-line aircraft tracking.


We are creating a platform from where air operators (and later brokers and airport services) can handle their everyday tasks. We are creating an  ideal workflow and implementing algorithms to speed up, optimize and automate the everyday work process. We are offering to operators’ an immediate outcome about the flight possibility and also optimization to increase potential of the aircraft fleet. What takes hours now, will take only seconds with strafos. With satellite airplane tracking integrated in strafos software, private jet operators will always have perfect overview.

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