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An app containing an intelligent information system algorithm that can be integrated to your cars software that predicts energy consumption of electric vehicles through processing big data, will help you cast your worries about whether you reach your destination.

Supported : 300 €

of 250 € minimum goal


Solaride is a project that has gathered around 50 bright minds from 6 universities to build Estonia’s very first solar car. Through this project we are giving the students an opportunity to put their knowledge into use through ‘sandboxing’. Within the process of building the car, we have identified the need for an intelligent information system predicting energy consumption of electric vehicles (EV) that is capable of suggesting the most energy efficient route from point A to B. That specific software is the reason we have entered the Prototron program.

Usually the EV software systems can take into consideration the battery duration based on average calculations, weight of the car and maybe even the distance to the nearest charging stations. That is often not enough to take out the maximum out of the EV and still might leave the driver on the road.

Our developed intelligent and self-learning system, can process: energy consumption related big data take into consideration road conditions (i.e. uplands, frictional force related to road pavement type), weather environment conditions (expected sun, wind and rain resistance) that are pulled from either public or private databases like ZapMap and Google Weather, electric vehicle model type and locations of the charging stations. If we put it in the simplest form, then how our solution works: have an electric car; install the app that does all the important calculating for you so that you would reach your destination in the most optimal way; enjoy the full potential of owning an electric vehicle! The software can be developed to be integratable not just electric cars but other means of electric transportation aswell.

Support us so that we can develop the best intelligent software for electric vehicles and show 15 million spectators how Estonians are conquering highest peaks in technology field.

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