A smart central heating controller which helps to save heating and installation costs by being self-adaptive.

Supported : 851 €

of 250 € minimum goal


Simplex is a smart central heating controller that ensures a stable room temperature, saving money on both installation and heating costs. Central heating systems use 3-Way valves to mix together cold and hot water, which is directed to radiators or into the floor. 3-Way mixing valves can be adjusted manually or with a controller. When adjusted manually the room temperature can be too cold or too hot for a person. 1 degree of overheating the room increases heating costs by 5%. Simplex keeps the room temperature stable regardless of the outdoor temperature by automatically adjusting the 3-Way valve to the correct position ultimately saving on heating
Various manufacturers have made 3-Way mixing valves which work exactly the opposite way. This causes installation errors. If the technician incorrectly installs the controller on the 3W valve, the controller will not be able to operate normally and the room temperature again will be too cold or too hot. Simplex automatically finds the correct position of the 3-Way valve during installation, saving technician’s time and thus the installation costs.
Moreover Simplex can be controlled and monitored using a website or a mobile device. This provides an overview of the central heating system at any given moment and allows changes to be made without being physically present.

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