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Reducing carbon footprint by electrochemical CO2 processing

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The climate change problem is for real.

30 billion tons of CO2 was emitted last year, with only a very small amount of it have been utilized. A radical solution is necessary. One cannot and should not wait.

So what can we do to reduce the CO2 amount?

Some power plants do employ CO2 capture equipment that takes CO2 out of their exhaust gas. In this case, the CO2 is compressed, transported and stored underground.

Main outstanding issues in the present technologies:

-work only at high CO2 concentration

-cost inefficiencies

-the risk of leakages

Scientists at RedoxNRG propose a new solution. We are developing an integrated process, whereby renewable power runs the electrochemical transformations where CO2 is electrochemically captured and converted to formic acid.

Why formic acid?

Ca. 800,000 tons are produced annually. It is used in chemical production, the textile industry and for making antiseptics. It could also be used as a fuel in direct formic acid fuel cells or for hydrogen storage.

Learn more about RedoxNRG technology today

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Offset your carbon footprint now. By supporting the development of advanced electrochemical RedoxNRG technology you will make an actual impact on our climate crisis.