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Neurosalience develops a tool for early detection of dementia from structural MRI scans.

Supported : 1,375 €

of 250 € minimum goal


In the world due to population ageing it is predicted that the number of patients with dementia will rise to 75 million by 2030. Early detection of dementia allows to start treatment and lifestyle changes which can defer the onset of symptoms or even stop the disease. Currently existing methods for dementia screening lack sensitivity, are not fully automated, are expensive and slow.

At Neurosalience we develop a tool for early detection of dementia from MRI scans. The tool allows healthcare providers to decrease patient-related costs and improve the quality of life of those at risk of dementia. The tool is the first in the world capable of processing even low resolution MRI data from older scanners with potential extension to CT scans which are cheap and widely available.

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