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MealBot is developing a mobile application to help fitness enthusiasts achieve their desired bodies by personalized meal plans and ingredient delivery at the cheapest possible cost.

Supported : 258 €

of 250 € minimum goal


People interested in dieting have two options. They can either a) invest a lot of time and effort to learn and execute every aspect of it (creating a meal plan, shopping for ingredients, weighing the ingredients, counting the calories and macros) by themselves or b) choose a service provider for all that. The latter ranges from cheap but partial to expensive and all-inclusive. The market is missing a cheap all-inclusive service.

MealBot provides the most cost-effective all-inclusive dieting service that generates personalized meal plans and delivers the ingredients from nearby grocery stores. Weekly meal plans and their respective packages are made with zero food waste in mind and the ingredients are pre-weighed for scale-less operationality.

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