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An audible mobile app for young music students to improve their daily music practice routine and relieve parents.

Supported : 275 €

of 250 € minimum goal


Practicing music can be a real challenge for both the child and the parent. Children who have to practise daily do not have the mental readiness to maintain stamina due to their age. Inspiring and tactful teachers are not there or affordable for all. Parents are very quickly unable to support their child - in the form of knowledge, time, money.

The solution is a mobile app called INSTRIC, also named after a cat - an assistive buddy - playful, smart, audible, nimble, independent - turns practice into a game with level-up tasks, challenges and trophies - but the game controller is a musical instrument. It will be as hands-free as possible, so it will be practical, because INSTRIC will hear and understand what is being played. A smart organiser will help easily set and customise tasks for auto-complete practise sessions.

Finally, practicing music is fun and better for every child.

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