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An eco-station to charge your EV using renewable energy

Supported : 495 €

of 250 € minimum goal


The EV revolution has started, we are here to give it a hand!

Our solution is built around the vision of an off-grid charging station that uses heat sources to generate electrical power for your EV.

Our mission aims to:

  • Help the general public transition to EV by offering charging points in areas beyond national grids and combat the fear of “will I run-out of battery?”.
  • Offer a genuinely green renewable source of energy to charge your EV from.
  • Support national grids with the future increase in energy demand from EVs (which will represent 14% of the global vehicle stock by 2030 according to the IEA).
  • Provide an infrastructure to public and private companies to support the upcoming phase-out of thermal engine vehicles.

So if you are excited by our vision, come and join the discussion by checking out our one-pager and our landing page www.discoverignis.com. If you are super excited by our vision, consider donating!

Thank you!


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