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The gateway to renewable energy for all.

Supported : 570 €

of 250 € minimum goal


Clean, free, renewable energy is abundant but for the most part untapped, unattainable. Humdynga is designed to change this, to bring renewable energy home for all. An energy converter, a clean fuel alternative to the 170 million noisy, polluting, portable generators presently powering lives worldwide. Similarly priced but environmentally clean, very quiet and 5 times more efficient. Simple connectors to add solar panels, wind turbine, micro-hydro and batteries as budget allows. Equally happily powered from the grid or fueled from Propane, LNG, landfill gas or DIY Biogas providing hot water, cooking and electricity. An immediate solution for the 3 billion people cooking by burning dirty fuels and using generators for electricity, an affordable method to go renewable in all economies. Whether you are cooking by burning dung in Africa, glamping in your RV in the USA, living in your suburban home, off-grid cabin or Mongolian yurt, Humdynga will connect you to the clean energies of our Earth.

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