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Digital medication HEALTHCARD supports workplace wellness and helps users to reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases.

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Healthy lifestyle factors account for 80% of a person’s health, and the remaining 20% is determined by medical care and our genes. There is a link between health and lifestyle. Lifestyle is an important factor in the emergence of chronic diseases as causes of increased morbidity and mortality. At the moment, preventive services account only for 3% of health budgets in the EU while curative services account for 97%! There is currently no good health maintenance tool for patients that helps them keep track of their health data and which will reduce their need to visit the doctor.

We develop a health maintenance tool Healthcard that allows fundamental changes required for healthcare to be more focused on prevention than treatment. Healthcard is multi-purpose app that offers wide range of services for different user groups. IT helps users collect relevant health data in one place automatically from different sources and uses AI‐driven algorithms to collate it into a single composite score, providing the user with an easy-to-understand indication of their general wellness and a guidance on healthy behaviours to modify their lifestyle, reducing the need to visit a doctor. For health professionals like doctors, it’s providing a single repository for multiple measures of general health information for an individual, avoiding need for multiple apps. For employer's it can be, in agreement with employees, a tool to optimise the workplace, reduce employees’ sickness days, and increase the productivity.

Supporting for Healthcard project you will send a clear message that you would like to change healthcare to be more focused on prevention. So that we could prevent heart diseases rather than treat them.

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