GELOPAY – Payments Automation and Fraud Prevention Services

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GELOPAY – Payments Automation and Fraud Prevention Services

Protecting people and businesses from Finance Cybercrime and Fraud.

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GeloPay platform mitigates Cybercrime and Finance Fraud risks by automating payments processing in sales, refund and withdrawal business process flows.

Problem: Individuals, businesses and government institutions are affected by increasing payment fraud. The most common scams are: 

  1. Malicious Payee: purchase scam, investment scam, romance scam and in advance fee scam
  2. Malicious Redirection: invoice & mandate scam, CEO fraud, impersonation: Police/Bank Staff and Impersonation: artificial intelligence based counter faked known identity video call.

Considering, that there is no definition for secure electronic invoicing and payments cross validation in the law at EU level all these risks are responsibility of the merchants and consumers.

GeloPay platform offers the following counter measures to mitigate cyber fraud risks.

  • validation rules for sales and merchandise/goods authorization (rma/rga) documents
  • payment validation rules: define trusted counter parties: partners, suppliers, customers, banks, countries etc.
  • integration with banks and electronic invoice delivery service providers
  • automated payment orders generation for the bank transfer
  • artificial intelligence-based scoring mechanism for fraud prevention and anti-money laundering

Our platform securely validates electronic sales documents and then generates verified authentic bank payment orders for purchase and return settlement automation. 

Support GeloPay and contribute to protection from cyber fraud!


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