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We believe it is time to end the stereotype about periods, we aim to help women overcome period-stigma all around the world.

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There exists a point in every woman’s life, where she gets through a psychological and social discomfort related to periods. It is not only in third world countries where periods are considered taboo but this problem also exists in first world countries where most of the teenagers in their early period life feel embarrassment in buying their sanitary hygiene products. Most of the women lack knowledge about basic DOs and DONTs regarding periods. We plan to host a webinar, where women will participate anonymously and share their story about what stereotypes they faced in teenage and what they face now. Our main goal is to create a platform which will help women by spreading knowledge and giving them a women-exclusive community to connect. Please support the cause by donating through our crowdfunding campaign and/or share your story as it might help someone who needs it.