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We are preparing kids for the world that doesn’t yet exist by building a network of coding schools across smaller towns in Europe.

Supported : 675 €

of 250 € minimum goal


Despite the increasing demand for IT specialists, it is difficult to find opportunities for kids to study programming in smaller towns. Youth usually do not have enough inner motivation to complete online courses while bigger franchises rarely open their locations in smaller towns.

EDUKOHT is helping children find their path in exploring programming. We do this through practical tasks and fun lessons that we conduct offline and online. Moreover, we have created a community in which children and mentors can always share their new projects, collaborate, and also spend their free time together. Our mentors are college or high school students, who have recently studied programming themselves. This allows us to create a friendly and engaging environment for kids.
However, there’s one challenge. Currently all of the mentors are using different means to prepare classes resulting in the lack of a unified approach. Kids also don’t have a way to track their progress or work together on one project. We want to solve it by creating a platform that would allow students and mentors to collaborate in creating different projects, get feedback from each other, and continuously improve education.

Please support our vision to give every kid in the world an opportunity to learn programming by donating through our crowdfunding campaign. Thank you!