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Captain Corrosion

Captain Corrosion is developing handheld corrosion management device and providing corrosion-related consultations.

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We are developing a portable handheld device that can be used to measure the rate of corrosion of metal pipes in ventilation systems in order to detect problems before they arise and do proper maintenance in time.


A ventilation system is an important part of every building. These systems often consist of metal components, which corrode over time and lead to serious problems that can be costly and dangerous (e.g. mold, poorer ventilation, leaking of toxic compounds in industrial buildings etc). Monitoring such ventilation systems however is difficult as the corrosion takes place inside and cannot be accessed with conventional methods.


Our solution is a portable handheld corrosion measurement device that allows to evaluate the condition of ventilation systems. Based on the measurement data it is possible to estimate when next maintenance is required on specific ventilation system components.

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