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Bercman Technologies is developing products to accelerate the advent of self-driving vehicles.

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Our Smart Railway Crossing is a smart road-side-unit which has many sensors inside to provide data for a lot of great features, for example it helps to prevent accidents on railway crossings. By notifying motorists, pedestrians, trains and self-driving vehicles, it is able to give additional time for participants to react and avoid serious harm. Our software fuses sensor and video data to dynamically manage different situations. For example during snowy winter, it expects vehicle braking distance to be much longer.


Every year, more than 80,000 people are killed on European roads. Wrong decisions made by road users, attributed to the lack of information about the traffic environment. Current traffic management measures are not sufficient to eliminate accidents.


Our offered product Smart Railway Crossing, helps to improve the traffic safety on all railway crossings and can be used as an alternative or, in addition to existing boom barrier technology. The average cost of a single function from the competitors is up to 10 times more expensive than the Smart Railway Crossing would be. Furthermore, existing solutions do not have dynamic capabilities to detect dangerous situations and to take precautionary measures through our in-house developed collision avoidance system. Significant advantage of our device is the operating principle of the controlling software, which, differently from other companies, is based on artificial intelligence. The known competitors have not published any plans to develop smart and C-ITS solutions which include vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2X) communication. We at Bercman believe that V2X will replace physical boom barrier technology within the next 10 years. We also believe connected and autonomous vehicles will transform urban mobility for all demographic groups, especially for the young and the elderly.

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