A set of modular LED video light panels that can replace all popular lights out there and are so compact that they fit into a regular backpack.

Supported : 267 €

of 250 € minimum goal


Aptolux light panels can replace most popular video lights while saving a significant amount of money for a videographer. And the greatest value the videographer will get is mobility - unassembled this set will easily fit among other gear into an average filmmaker's backpack.

The secrets behind it are trapeze shape, which allows to stack them in many different sizes and forms, a unique way to easily connect the panels and the ability to share power and data between those panels. While connected they act and control as a single light panel, requiring just one power source for any combination - a cable or battery.

Having a multifunctional and compact light set like Aptolux, would allow the videographer to spend less, be mobile and travel to any filming location light and to be confident the light adapts to many situations. Wireless control, while staying behind the camera, will reduce setup times. It would also open up new creative possibilities for the filmmaker and add production value to his work.


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