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Vaat Brewery

Join the next micro brewing revolution.

Supported : 210,105 €

of 250 € minimum goal


We are Vaat and we are building the most innovative, forward looking and sustainable brewery you can imagine!

Our VISION is a place of great fresh beers, low- and non-alcoholic alternatives and other interesting drinks. A place where beer lovers from around the world meet to witness the latest innovation in ecologically sustainable, high-quality micro brewing.

We are building a modern production brewery and a tap room in Tallinn, Estonia. We've raised about 75% of the funds for this project so far.

But we need YOU to get us over the finish line!

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Questions? Leave them under the tab Discussion  (Estonian, English, German or Swiss German) or write to Markus

Update (11th November): If you haven't tried our beers yet, here's what you can do depending on where you are:
- Tallinn: you can get a free bottle of Witty Nelson, IPK, and Jailhouse Brew each from Koht, with the code word 'revolution'.
- Tartu: you can get a free bottle of Witty Nelson, IPK, and Jailhouse Brew each from Barlova, with the code word 'revolution'.
- Switzerland or any other place, write to and we'll do our best to sort you out.

Important notice: This is an equity based Crowdfunding, investing means buying a part of Vaat! And you can do that no matter where you're from! We removed all legal and logistic hurdles for you to be able to easily invest without the need for a share portfolio or bank account in Estonia. Just be aware that in case you want to actively participate in the decision making/voting of the company and you are not an Estonian resident, you may one day need some way of digitally signing documents (not a hard problem to solve). An Estonian e-residency is not required for that but can be a fun thing to have in any case.

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