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Private Water Therapy, Fitness and Relaxation

Supported : 34,600 €

of 250 € minimum goal


Swimitation stands for wellness. We sell the unique Swimitation bath; we own all intellectual rights of the bath and the production form (the production is outsourced). The new fitness bath unites water, fitness, privacy, deep relaxation and hydrotherapy . Watch a short  exercises teaser-video. A whole fitness session can be carried out with closed eyes!

Water gymnastics and water relaxation are among the most effective rehabilitation treatments. However, these forms of therapy have been underused due to uncomfortable procedures and limited options. Swimitation solves this problem - the patented ergonomic design allows safe and comfortable whole body movement. Swimitation can therefore be used outside the medical sphere, in wellness and fitness sphere for individual training programs and deep relaxation.

The Swimitation bath is for rehabilitation purposes, for home spas, wellness and fitness centers. These are our target clients.

The new body friendly future form of fitness is also an innovation in Hubbard-type rehabilitation baths because it provides new possibilities with the same or lesser amount of water. A physiotherapy session can be carried out without a therapist! The end users are people who want to stay or get fit; exercise in privacy; who’d like to care for their body and mind; save time by uniting fitness, meditation and other wellness therapies. Some specific target groups are: office workers or anyone working in prolonged stress positions, people with disabilities or medical needs (rheumatism, arthritis, heart diseases etc), people who are overweight.

Our dedicated team has actively lead the product development phase with professional partners (physiotherapists, designers, engineers and factories). We have completed the bath and the showroom; we have the main marketing materials ready (the website, photos, physiotherapy professional know-how, brand video and exercise video). The showroom is also a day-spa, where the Swimitation bath and other wellness services can be tried out (see http://swimitationspa.com/en/). You are most welcome! The key resources of our company include the designs for the bath, the production model, the bath and equipment (the documentation and know-how), brand video and 1-hour exercise video, patents/registrations for the intellectual property. The bath is produced in our partner's factory Koriks OÜ (Estonia, established in 1976) who exports glass-fiber products and outdoor hot tubs to Nordic countries.

We plan to begin the sale of Swimitation baths in Finland and Scandinavia, where there is greater purchasing power and health-awareness as well as in the domestic market Estonia. Next, we will move on to Western Europe and the English-language countries (USA, Canada, Australia), where people are greatly interested in novel health trends. Our goal for the next year is to sell seven baths and grow more rapidly thereafter to attain the sales of 80 baths by the year 2019 (see the Business plan and 4 years Action Plan and Financial Forecast under Documents). Given the price of the bath (10 000 - 17 000 EUR, depending on the level of equipment) this growth is sustainable and provides a considerable profit. As the Swimitation bath will be used in public places, such as spas, hotels, health centers, sports centers, the bath will advertise itself ensuring the quick spread of the Swimitation message!

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