Renegade Tea Estate

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Renegade Tea Estate

Your own tea farm!

Supported : 129,084 €

of 250 € minimum goal


Dear member of the Renegade Community!

We are happy that you have decided to become one of the owners of Renegade Tea Estate. Please continue to register the shares that you have marked as your interest previously. We remind you that the calculation of the price for the shares goes like this:

- the first 1-euro share is for 5 Euros for everyone.

- the rest of the shares are 37 Euros per one 1-Euro share.

So if you would like to get 15 shares for example, then the calculation is 1x5 Euros + 14x 37 Euros = 523 Euros. 

If you would like to then you can go through the plans and financials once more on this page.

Hannes, Kristiina, Miina, Hanna, Priit, Tomas, Mario

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