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Real-life quests, educative routes and tools for their creation.

Supported : 39,360 €

of 250 € minimum goal


Questcity is a new service for creation and completion of interactive and educative quests or routes through mobile application. It can be downloaded in Google Play and App Store. With Questcity every user receives access to unlimited world of adventures. The initial creators - Paradox team ( started with escape/questrooms and conveyed adventures played in limited space to outside environment. We created Questcity App to show how interesting quests can become in the real world.

Early in May all users will get possibility to construct their own quests through our website (Questcity Quest builder) and to sell them in our Questcity store. Meaning that guides can earn money from created routes offline and 24 hour a day, 7 days in a week.

Our application is a perfect opportunity to get acquainted with city, conference or event in new interactive way. It is a sophisticated tool for companies and guides to create their own unique content, sell it to larger audience and analyse post statistics.

We would like to raise financial resources for marketing campaigns and hire additional employees. Our mission is to become the most popular service used for creation of interactive quests worldwide. 

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