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TIPIT makes it possible for content creators to get support (payment) from fans right on their content page.

Supported : 25 €

of 250 € minimum goal


TIPIT makes it possible to support your favorite content creator right on the creator's page. 

No matter if it’s a webpage, app, or program. It is really easy -  just push the TIPIT button and choose the amount you'd like to TIP and it is done! You like it, tip it!

If You are the content creator, then just create a TIPIT account, connect Your site address to Your TIPIT account and let us verify that You are the owner of this content. We will add a TIPIT button to Your site/app (or You can add it Yourself as a widget) and anyone visiting can give you a tip right on the content page. Not just one page but all your posts, videos, pictures, stories, etc can be tipped separately so You can see what matters the most. If the visitors have a TIPIT account then this will be just one push of a button. If not, then they will still be directed straight to a payment option of their choice when pushing the TIPIT button.

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