Jaga projekti


We are building the device and web app to make easy to run indoor banner ads on screens and gather statistics about emotions that people had looking at that ads, in order to help our customers to improve their ads

Supported : 50 €

of 250 € minimum goal


Currently, it is hard to assess the effectiveness of the design of indoor banner ads. It’s a big problem because it takes around 6 seconds to make the first impression about product, and people may love it or hate it.

Apart from that it’s time consuming to negotiate with business centers to display ads on their screens. We are going to solve those problems by building the device and web platform.

The device with camera will be installed on LED screens and make public surveillance to analyse emotions of people who glance on ads based on facial expressions. Based on that we are going to generate heatmap, with statistics on which part of ads attract most of attention, and what the age groups of people are. Also we will have the web platform to easily run ads, choose location, make payment and get stats to improve those ads.

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