Ergonomic gaming wristband for e-sports

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Ergonomic gaming wristband for e-sports

We will help gamers avoid injuries and prolong their gaming careers

Supported : 140 €

of 250 € minimum goal


E-sports is a booming industry. Everyone wants to get to the top. But very few realise the price of the grind. Our body is not built for playing PC games 10+ hours a day like most pro-gamers and even amateurs do. The result is injuries and the early end of their career, fame & fortune. All gone, all lost...

And wrists are one of the most affected parts. They are under enormous pressure and tension when gaming.

We have come up with the idea of a specialised wristband to protect both amateurs and senior e-sports athletes. Help us to protect millions of players all over the world by supporting our cause!

The Gaming Uppo team.

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