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Inhoud is a convenient content creation solution for companies that want to create effective content to find new customers and keep the existing ones.

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One of the biggest challenges for marketers is to reach their target audience. Finding such messages that really speak. 

Creating the content is an extremely difficult thing if you lack knowledge about your target audience. It’s hard to put yourself in another person’s shoes! 

For example, if you need to create content for programmers, but you know about the field as much a fish know about flying. 

Companies are wasting billions on A / B tests to find out which message works best.Not to mention the money spent on advertising which doesn’t yield results because the messages fail to match the target audience! 

How about we start at the right end? 

Get content from people who are you marketing to! Let them tell themselves what messages they need and want – in a world where content is splurging! 

Inhoud has come up with a solution! 

We have developed a platform where content is created by those who know your target audience through and through. They know your target group fears and worries which won’t let them sleep at night! 

These are people with special interests who are either experts in their field or passionately fond of certain things – they are also extremely talented writers, photo and video makers. 

Being your target audience, they understand which messages work, and which don’t! 

Our platform matches brands with suitable content creators depending not only on skills – as many others freelancers 

platforms - but also on demographics, areas of interest and personality types. 

As a marketer, you don’t have to worry about whether their creative style overlaps with the style and tonality of your brand. 

We have a professional team of marketers and editors who contribute to ensure that content meets business goals. 

Inhoud offers relief and calm to the marketer. 

The ability to create messages that straightforward reach the heart of the target audience. So, you don’t have to waste your time or money, but you start to bring home many successful marketing victories! 

Let’s create messages that resonate with your target audience!

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